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7 Habits of a Highly Successful Mom Boss

We all know that being a momboss requires massive juggling skills (and super powers) to get everything done without losing your brains most nights of the week.  It might seem overwhelming, but I’m here to reassure you – it’s definitely manageable! Adopting daily habits to help manage the load will ensure you’re always ahead of the game, not putting out fires as your calendar fills up. Here are some tips to help all my working moms get their home life as boss like as their work life.


  1. Get Organized (and Stay Organized!)


We all know you already do this at work – so why not at home? I can’t emphasize this habit enough, ladies. Start with understanding what you need, where you need to be, what appointments you have, what major work projects are taking place and then schedule all that shit in your calendar. Put literally everything in there and add your husband, nanny, in-laws, mom, caretaker, and dogsitter to all of their calendar events. I give this advice not only to moms but to every entrepreneur I meet – get your week scheduled ahead of time and write down hour for hour what needs to get done.


Something I’m obsessed with to help with staying organized is my journal. Don’t get me wrong – my calendar app is a life-saver, but I’m the kind of person who needs to write things down. With so much going on, it’s easy to get a little overwhelmed, so I use my journal to do daily braindumps. Not only do I write my to-do lists and notes from meetings, but in what little free moments I have, I like to just scribble out my thoughts from the day – keeps my brain organized too!


  1.  Dry Shampoo


Ladies – who has time to wash their hair and blow it out every single morning? Dry shampoo is literally a godsend in my world and saves me a solid 40 mins of crimping every morning. Everyone has their own beauty routine, but I’ve never met a girl who couldn’t use a quicker way to fix their hair in the morning. I’m also a huge fan of no-crease hair ties and oil blotting papers (they’re not just for your face!).


A sneaky trick I like to do in order to avoid excessive trips to the salon is request that my highlights only be applied to the underneath layers of my hair. This way, as my hair grows out, no will will notice the roots – and I get to enjoy some low-maintenance pops of color!


  1. Sunday Meal Prepping


Sundays are no longer just for sleeping in and brunches – they are the optimal time to get prepped for the week with your entire family. A huge part of that is prepping meals, which can really suck a lot of valuable time out of your week. No one likes the stress of sitting in a 3pm meeting worrying about what you’re going to cook when you get home. With meal prepping, you can not only map out a menu for the week, but make sure all of that annoying chopping, marinating, and mixing is taken care of beforehand.


I also love my meal-prep Sundays because I get to spend some quality time with my family. It’s a great time to come together, debate dinner preferences, and not have to worry about the outside world as we chop onions and cube chicken.


  1. Wake Up Before the Kids


Whether you like it or not, the wee hours of the morning might be your only option for me-time. If you are like me you can barely get anything done for yourself after you get home from work and the house is bustling. Schedule your workouts, meditation, and self-care time before the rest of the family is awake.


This way, not only are you getting a bit of a head start, but you’re actively carving out time to make sure your needs are met. Even with the best of intentions, that 30 min block you have on your calendar for some alone time is constantly in jeopardy of being booked. And I know waking up before dawn isn’t the most appealing prospect, but you don’t even have to take my word for it – mega successful CEOs swear that 4am is the most productive part of their day.


  1. Balance Work and Play

Schedule time with friends, your hubby, or just for some solo pampering ahead of time. It’s important for you and your family’s sanity! Book your nail appointments, kickboxing classes, hair touchups, date nights, and brunch with the girls ahead of time to not only make sure you have the time – but that you remember!


Taking time to pamper yourself might feel selfish – but trust me, your kids with thank you! You should never feel bad about self-care, especially when you’re overloaded with responsibilities. How can you expect to be the best mother, wife, and boss you can be without first doing what makes you happy! Striking that perfect balance will make you the best version of you – which is something your family will love!


  1. Communicate With Your Team

Let your colleagues know that you also have obligations outside of work and have to be on mom-duty, so scheduling 5:30 meetings just won’t work most of the time. Setting expectations around calendar etiquette and availability is incredibly important for the busy momboss – it’s okay to reject a meeting invite if you have mommy obligations to attend to!


The key is communication – letting your team know when they can book your time and when they can’t. There’s nothing wrong with picking back up your work when the kids go down to knock out emails and get that project done before deadline, so don’t feel guilty about blocking meetings after 5pm. Even as CEO of my company, I manage to meet with everyone who needs it and still leave work in time to get home and spend time with my daughter. Trust me – you can do it too!


  1. Remember – You’re Amazing


You’re a super mom. No matter how you’re feeling or what’s going on in your life – reminding yourself that you’re awesome is so important! When you’re feeling overwhelmed or down, just take a breath and remember that you can do this! Having a mantra can be helpful, or just getting up every morning and striking your favorite power pose!


Whatever it is – rock it, girl! None of these other tips matter without confidence and every single one of you deserves it. So make those to-do lists, prep those meals, schedule those meeting – and at the end of the day, remind yourself how awesome you are.


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