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How I Keep My Sanity as a Mom Boss

How To Stay Sane and Kick Butt


Let’s be real – the title of this blog is misleading since we all know there really is no way to be sane 100% of the time as a mom, let alone as a boss. As a mom of a 14 month old and an incredibly busy executive, the act of juggling schedules, meetings, and dinner tests my sanity levels daily.


As you’ve heard me say before, getting crazy organized is the best advice I can give to any new mom, new executive, or a #momboss who needs to be both. Another great piece of advice that was given to me and that I now live by is that groceries, dinner, laundry, and all of that need to get done, but not all of them need to get done by you. You can find short cuts, outsource some chores to your kids, and hire help if you can afford to do it. As moms, there’s this nagging feeling of mom guilt pressures us into believing we should be the ones who do everything for our families and teams. But I have some good news! You can cut the mom guilt and get these tools to make your days a little more sane – well at least 70% of the time. 😉


P.S.- Even if you’re a momboss on a budget – there are definitely cool tools out there to help you get the most bang from your motherly duties.


  1. Instacart. Ladies, ladies, ladies… say hello to your new best friend. As an executive I travel constantly – almost once a week – and finding time to get groceries and dinner on the table is always on my mind. With Instacart, I get unlimited deliveries for just $14.99/month. What a deal. Someone else shops, someone else delivers, and Instacart remembers my most shopped for items so I never forget the necessities.
  2. Sunbasket. What I love about Sunbasket is that they are truly healthy, organic meals for my family to enjoy and I don’t have to menu plan whatsoever. I can come home and enjoy a fun evening with my husband cooking a delicious meal, without having to worry about what it’s going to be. Want something similar but on a budget? Pre-plan your menu on Sundays and create your own baking sheet trays with all the ingredients for a simple 30 minute meal. Pre chop all ingredients on Sunday so you can come home and knock out a meal in no time.
  3. Laundry. My least favorite chore of all! How the hell does one little kid manage to create a full basket of laundry every day? Someone should have warned us! This is one chore I have set for my nanny to do while Mila takes her daily nap, but there are also options out there if you’re looking for a service to take care of it for you. Plus, just staying organized and not letting it pile up is a huge sanity saver in this department.
  4. Share driving duty. When I leave work, I am dying to get home to see my daughter! Yet I can’t ever get a head start on what I need to do if I have to go grab her from my mom’s before coming home. For those that need to pick up their kids from daycare, school, or a caretakers – alternate with your spouse so you can get right home and start on getting dinner and chores checked off the list. Plus, you’ll be that much closer to opening up a bottle that of wine – making them that much easier 😉
  5. Workout in the morning. It took about a year for me to figure out that I will never just get “me” time, especially time to work out. I didn’t realize that if getting in shape and staying healthy are important to me, then I just have to get it done before my family gets up in the morning. I get to the gym about 3x a week by 6am for an awesome morning workout, which means I’m home (and showered) before Mila gets up at 7:30am Seems unreal – but trust me, I’m telling the truth!
  6. Plan, plan, plan. Sundays aren’t just for relaxing anymore if you’re an unbelievably busy momboss, as I’m sure you know! Sundays are for getting your ship organized for the week ahead. Meal prep, get snacks, write your grocery list, plan your pick up/drop off schedules, organize your work calendar, and even pick out your clothes, steam them and iron them so you can look like a mom boss who can have it all – and be one too!
  7. Breathe. Let it go. You can’t have everything planned 100% of the time.. but you can definitely try! The key to making any of these tips work, however, is giving yourself some slack and not drive yourself crazy with the tools meant to make your life easier.


Comment below with some of your favorite ways you bring some sanity into your busy week!


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